It all started in 2011 when Tony (Founder/CEO of SFPI) had the chance to taste Pickled Mango or locally known as “Burong Mangga”, from Chinatown in Manila. It was love at first bite… and since then, he got hooked into eating Pickled Mango and at times, would go on a weekly trip to Chinatown just to buy his favorite Pickled Mango.

Due to the stressful commute to and from Chinatown, Manila plus its unavailability from time to time, Tony realized the opportunity and thought of creating his own.

Our Humble Beginnings

At the beginning Tony and Jopen wore many hats. They spent countless hours cooking, labelling, filling jars one-by-one and selling to relatives and friends.

He started joining bazaars in Metro Manila.  His Pickled Mango creation accompanied by his other creations like Pickled Papaya, Pickle Apple, and Pickled Grapes, were an instant hit at the “Yabang Pinoy” bazaar at the Rockwell Tent.

Realizing the opportunity, Tony thought of commercializing his pickled products so he started attending seminars about food preservation, read materials about good manufacturing practices, and other publications that will help him make his plans a reality.


Built a small manufacturing facility in his backyard and finally registered SANGKUTSA FOOD PRODUCTS, initially as a single proprietor business.


Tony decided to do a rebrand to change the image of the company to only use locally grown products to support local farmers of the Philippines.


Tony’s friends saw the opportunity on SANGKUTSA FOOD PRODUCTS’ pickled products and decided to invest in the company, thus the transformation of the company from single proprietor to a corporation.

Anything Pickled!

SANGKUTSA FOOD PRODUCTS INC. is aimed towards pickling just about any food that can be pickled. Some of the surprising pickled products that may soon be in the market are – Pickled Santol, Pickled Green Chili, Pickled Radish, Pickled Leeks, Pickled Ampalaya, Pickled Kangkong, Pickled Gherkins, Pickled Okra, Pickled Sayote, etc. thus the birth of the “Pik-a-Pikel®” brand.


With the increasing demand and future plans, Tony decided to convert his entire house into a facility.

Global Reach!

Pik-a-Pikel’s first international expo thru the help of Department of Agriculture!


Marked another milestone for the company as it opens its new facility to cater to the growing demands of the local and international market. Careful planning and design was conducted to ensure compliance to upcoming FSSC 22000 certification audit.

FSSC 22000 Certified

SANGKUTSA FOOD PRODUCTS INC.finally acquired its FSSC 22000 certification from Bureau Veritas S.A..

Watch Our Story

Watch Mr. Victor Antonio B. Nola Jr. – CEO/President of Sangkutsa Food Products Inc. as he shares his story about the company.