Q: How did you start?
A: It all started when Tony bought “burong manga” from Ongpin, Binondo back in 2011. He saw the opportunity to commercialize it and started experimenting with different ingredients and formulation. Thereafter, Tony tested the market by joining bazaars and the rest is history

Q: When did the company start operations?
A: The company started in 2013 as a single proprietor and was incorporated in 2016

Q: Where is your office/factory located?
A: We are located in Roxas District, Quezon City

Q: Do you have FDA license?
A: Yes, we have an FDA License to Operate (LTO)

Q: Do you have Certificate of Product Registration (CPR)?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have other certifications like GMP, HACCP, ISO, Halal, etc?
A: We currently have Halal and we are currently getting FSSC22000 certification which already covers GMP and HACCP


Q: What is your production capacity right now?
A: Currently, we can process 5 metric ton of green mango per day.

Q: What is the output (finished product) per ton of unprocessed green mango?
A: 5 metric ton of green mango should be able to produce at least:

  • 250g – 750 cases
  • 350g – 1000 cases
  • 750g – 500 cases

Q: What is you typical production leadtime?
A: 1 week

Q: What about if we are ordering 1 container van?
A: 1-2 weeks.


Q: Are you available in local supermarkets and retail chains?
A: Yes, we are available at leading supermarket chains nationwide

Q: What supermarket or retail chain are you available?
A: SM Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, SM Kultura, SM Snack Exchange, Landers Superstore, Landmark Supermarket, Tropical Hut Supermarket, Waltermart Supermarket, ECHO Stores, etc

Q: Do you have an export license?
A: Yes

Q: Do you already export?
A: Yes. USA, Canada, Guam, Singapore, Middle East

Q: Do you appoint exclusive distributor per country/area?
A: We are open to discuss exclusive distributor arrangement


Q: Do you join local and international trade expos?
A: Yes

Q: What are some of the local trade expos you have joined?
A: Philippine Food Expo (Philfoodex), Manila Food and Beverage Expo (Mafbex), International Food Expo (IFEX), Food and Drinks Asia, Manila FAME, etc

Q: Have you joined international trade/food expos?
A: Yes. SIAL China, FABEX Japan, Seoul Food Korea, World Food Moscow

Q: What are your other marketing mediums?
A: Most of the time, social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. But we also sponsor sports teams in triathlon and soccer since the owners are triathletes and soccer players


Q: Do you only process pickled mango?
A: We also have other Pickled fruits and vegetables such as Pickled Guava and Pickled Papaya. We also have SALSA products such as Mango Salsa and Papaya Salsa.

Q: What are the your variants?
A: Original and spicy

Q: How many packaging sizes are available?
A: We have 250g in bottle, 350g in stand-up pouch, and 750g in bottle

Q: Why is the pickled mango sweet?
A: Our pickled mango is more of a sweet pickle, rather than the usual sour pickle. The acidity comes from the green mango while the sweetness and salinity comes from the brine

Q: Are the pickled mango crunchy throughout it’s shelf life?
A: Yes, it will stay crunchy throughout its shelf life

Q: What is the shelf life of the pickled mango?
A: Eighteen (18) Months for the bottle and one (1) year for the pouch packaging

Q: Can you put more mango and less brine in the packaging?
A: No, because we have to maintain the mango-brine ratio. More mango means it will be more sour and more brine may result to overpowering sweetness. The ratio we maintain is based on almost 2 years of R&D performed by Tony

Q: Can you get rid of the tidbits?
A: Yes


Q: Do you give discount to export buyers?
A: Yes, we do. The discount will depend on the quantity of order

Q: What is your usual payment terms for export buyers?
A: 50% down payment and the balance COD



  • 250g – 2,270 cases
  • 350g – 5,000 cases
  • 750g – 1,660 cases


  • 250g – 2,510 cases
  • 350g – 5,520 cases
  • 750g – 1,840 cases